Friday, June 11, 2010


I’m finally in Santiago de Chile. My Plane arrived about a week ago. People here seem very nice. I met some people on the plane that even offered to take me around Santiago, a very nice Welcome indeed. Some of you, fellow interns, began your internship in May… but mine is just starting out. Santiago has been full of surprises thus far, a very vibrant culture. So… how do I explain my online absence before arriving in South America? Turns out the Chile GBC wasn’t ready for me on May, so they gave me a month’s vacations! Me, wanting to catch some sun rays, decided to spend that month traveling around Mexico and seeing some friends and relatives. I had a really good time in Mexico, went to a lot of new places, met some interesting people… and overall had a great time. Here are some pictures… to give you an idea.

Murals by Diego Rivera at the National Palace in Mexico City. He portrays important events in Mexico's origin and history.

This is Me enjoying a Shrimp and Calamari Cocktail at the Beach in Chachalacas Veracruz... it was really really good. Maybe you can't tell from the picture, but I got really sun burned (I peeled for a week). That's what I get for not using sunscreen!

This is the view at sunset in Chachalacas. The Ocean waves were really calm, and it wasn't deep... Floating on the waves and tiny silver fish jumping out from the water!

The trip to Chachalacas was nice, we also Traveled half an hour to Cempoala, an Archeological Site with small Prehispanic pyramids. Mexico seems to have pyramids and prehispanic structures all throughout the country. Some Historians say that Mexico doesn't have a beginning in History, Mexico has an Origin.

Many Historic Buildings in the center of Mexico City were built by the Spanish with stones from destroyed Aztec temples. What a Metaphor for Mexican Culture... Sustainable Building???


  1. Love that Diego Rivera mural. Did you see the painted person with the eyes that follow you? I like your comment about sustainable buildings. Hope all is well in Santiago!

  2. Wow they offered to take you around Santiago?! That's incredibly nice of them!! I would love to go to Chile someday...Don't forget to post pics of Chile! :) Good luck with your job! :)

  3. Diego Rivera- amazing! So glad to see you on the blogosphere & looking forward to more adventures.